ALGERIA Travel Guide

ALGERIA Travel Guide

Algeria is a north African country which is the tenth largest country in the world with Mediterranean coastline and Saharan desert .It is almost 3.5 times smaller in size than Texas with total area of about 2,381,740 and the mountain regions contains both evergreen and deciduous trees


  • ALGIERS:Algiers is the capital of Algeria with population of 3, 500, 00 and the city was founded by Ottoman because of its beautiful architecture. Old towns in ancient Casbah is done with amazing view where each streets flow like streams
  • BOTANICAL GARDEN:The botanical garden in Algiers is locally known as Jardin Dessai Du Hamma which is established in 1832 and is one of the capitals tourist attractions. It is divide into different zones like French garden, English garden and zoo area with various species of plants and animals
  • IN SALAH :In Salah place is famous for its salty water .The buildings in that area are constructed in Sudanese style and the mosque encroached with moving sand dune
  • CONSTANTINE:Constantine is the capital of Numidia and has become the stunning tourist spot with its attractive features. Interesting fact of the city is that majority of the buildings can be only reached by crossing the bridge which gives the city a feel of ancient roman time
  • ORAN:Oran is the second largest city with its own attraction of historical buildings and mosques. This place is great for scuba diving ,cuisine and listening live rai music


  • Algeria is the largest country with beautiful setting on the Mediterranean ocean with pleasant climate
  • Algeria is referred as country of cherries and dates which refers to various types of weather conditions where mild climate in north and dry climate in south. Visitors to Algeria are greeted with dates and milk
  • Algeria official name is known as Peoples Democratic Republic of Algeria and Islam is the official religion where legal system is based on French court and sharia law
  • Arabic is the official language of Algeria and even people speak Arabic, Berber and French. Also half the population of Algeria speak Algerian Arabic
  • Flag of Algeria consist of two equal bars green and white with red star and crescent at the centre
  • Mount Tahat is the highest mountain in Algeria which is about 3003 meters high and only 12 percent of land is inhabited and remaining percent of land is covered by Sahara desert
  • Algeria is located on Mediterranean ocean with Morocco to the west and Tunisia to the east and the country is divide into forty eight provinces
  • Algerian Arabic is spoken as official language by 83 percent of population and around five percent speak Hassaniya.Berbers speaks Algerian Arabic as second language
  • National identity of Algeria is based on both combination of Berber and Arab cultures and Berber were the original inhabitants of the country
  • The national dish of Algeria is couscous, steamed semolina wheat served with lamb or chicken, cooked vegetables, and gravy.

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