ANDORRA Travel Guide

ANDORRA Travel Guide

Andorra is situated in the western part of Italian Riviera between Cape Mele and Capo Mimosa and this coastal area is called as Riviera Delle Palme. It is officially known as principality of Andorra and it’s a sovereign landlocked country. Andorra is a small country located with border of France and Spain with area of 181 square miles


  • ANDORRA LA VELLA:Andorra La Vella is the capital of the country with a population of 20,000 holding one third of country’s population. It also shares the spotlight of commercial centre of country with parish
  • THE TOWN OF LES ESCALDES:The town of Les Escalades takes its name from hot springs which is known for high sulphur and nitrogen content and used for medicinal qualities. And also other highlights include viladomat museum displaying the works of Catalan sculptor Joseph Viladomat and Capila Sant Roma
  • LA CORTINADA AND SANT MARTI CHURCH:La Cortinada is a village and it’s the most attractive smaller community surrounded by meadows and rugged mountains. The village is home to 12th century Sant Marti de la Cortinada church and later in 17th century it includes local made wrought iron railings, wooden altarpiece and numerous furniture pieces
  • CENTRE TERMOLUDIC CALDEA : It is rich in mineral and the warm water emerge from city’s thermal source and gives a visit to the uniquely designed spa complex with facility of indo roman baths, Jacuzzis, numerous lagoons and grapefruit pool


  • The word Andorra is derived from Arabic which means The Pearl and officially known as the Principality of Andorra where it’s a landlocked country in south western Europe
  • Andorra la Vela is the capital of the country and the largest city with high elevation of about 1023 metres
  • The country has numerous cluster of mountains in which the streams unite together to form Valera river
  • Two main streams of the nation namely Madriu and Perafita flows into the Madriu Perafita valley which occupies about one tenth of the entire nation
  • Euro is the currency of the country
  • It is considered as the sixth smallest country in Europe which is sandwiched between France and Spain which locates in Pyrenees mountains occupying about 181 square miles of land
  • Spain, Portugal and France are the main immigrants of the country with majority of the populations are Roman catholic with only thirty seven percent constituting Andorran citizens
  • The national flag consist of vertical bands of blue, yellow and red with national coat of arms at the centre and the colours in it represent the independence from France and Spain
  • The country has two names namely Principality of Andorra and Principality of valleys of Andorra and the valleys of the country offers a microcosmic perspective
  • Andorra is featured with craggy cliffs, open pastures and steep wooded valleys with an area of 4247 hectares and designated as the UNESCO world heritage site

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