BRAZIL Travel Guide

BRAZIL Travel Guide

Brazil is the fifth largest country in world and it is famous for its traditional football and carnival. Brazil is mainly inhabited with two main groups namely Tupi and Guarani. On the eastern side of the continent it forms an enormous triangle with 4500 mile and as aSouth American largest country it covers majority of continents


  • SALVADOR, BAHIA:The city of Salvador lies in north eastern state of Bahia and it is the first colonial capital of the country. It is the oldest city in both north and south America and the colonial architecture adds more beauty to the place with colourful celebration’s and Salvador’s street carnival is the well-known festival
  • CATHEDRAL OF BRASILIA:Cathedral of Brasilia is the amazing churches in the world for its architectural icon and also known as Metropolitan Cathedral of our lady Aparecida. This hyperboloid structure is well known for its 16 different concrete columns with parabolic section and the church makes natural illumination between concrete columns
  • AMAZON RAIN FOREST : Amazon rain forest have large collection of species like 40000 species of plants,1300 species of birds,430 species of amphibian and 380 species of reptiles. To explore the beauty of forest and Amazon River boat journey is the best way and also observes the life style of different tribe lives.
  • IGUAZU FALLS:Iguazu falls is located within the border of Brazil and Argentina and the waterfalls divides into two levels where the height ranges from 197 to 269 feet.


  • Brazil is the only largest country in south America and the name brazil comes from a tree called brazil wood
  • The official language of brazil is the Portuguese and it’s the only nation in south America that speaks Portuguese
  • The origin of word brazil from brazil wood means red like an ember and its official name is called Republic Federativa do Brazil,brazil wood was valued by European traders who came to trade in 16th century
  • Feijoada, a black bean stew with dried, salted, and smoked meat is the national dish of Bhutan people
  • Brasilia is the capital of Bhutan and which was constructed in just 41 months from 1956 to 1960 and Rio De Janeiro was the previous capital
  • Apart from their native language Brazilian sign language is also considered as official language
  • Largest catholic people are found in brazil and moreover Roman Catholicismwas considered the main religion since the beginning of 16th century
  • The three colours in the flag represents various signs where green represents the forest greenery ,yellow represents mineral wealth and the blue star depict the sky over Rio De Janeiro
  • Brazil has large population of mixed Europeans and mainly in late 19th and early 20th many immigrants like Italy, German and Spain were originated
  • Tiradentes is the important holiday for them and dance, art performance are extremely important and so they created the samba dance in every important events


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