CUBA Travel Guide

CUBA Travel Guide

Cuba is a Caribbean island situated between Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean surrounded by Haiti to west, Mexico to east and Jamaica to northwest .Havana is the capital of the country and the largest city, other major cities are Santiago de Cuba and Camaguey


  • LAS TERRAZAS : Las Terrazas is situated in Artemisia of Cuba and it’s a peaceful town surrounded by mountains and forests and also gives a rural adventure ,mind blowing waterfalls and lakes
  • CAYO COCO BEACH :Cayo coco beach is located in the north area of Ciego De Avila and it is well known for the Caribbean style resorts and the cause connects the island with mainland by amazing architectural feat
  • BARACOA: Baracoa lies in the eastern part of Cuba and it’s the oldest Spanish settlement along with the roots of modern civilization. It is not only a historical place but also a home to ancient indigenous people of Cuba named Taino.
  • VALLEY OF SUGAR MILLS :Valley of sugar mills is located in the central Cuban city of Trinidad and was established in 18th and 19th century .It is comprised of three valleys known as San Luis ,Santa Rosa and Meyer with total area of 225 square kilometres
  • OLD HAVANA :Old Havana is the city centre of the Cuban capital and most major among 15 districts and the city was found during Spanish ruling and contains Spanish style buildings with ancient historic amazing


  • The word Cuba is derived from the language called Taino which means where fertile land is abundant or great place and the Christopher Columbus named the town of Cuba
  • Main religion practised in the country is Roman catholic and the country is divide into 15 provinces and these provinces are sub divide into municipalities
  • Spanish is the official language in which nearly ninety percent of the country speak this as main language
  • The national flag of Cuba consist of five alternative strips like three blue and two white along with red equilateral triangle and five pointed star at the centre
  • The country is featured with sugar white beaches and there are over 4000 islands and cays where the main island is in the west indies along with it has tobacco fields
  • The official name of the country is known as the Republic of Cuba and it’s a country in Caribbean
  • Cuban peso or Cuban convertible peso is the currency of the country and they have two official currency used in different parts of the nation and paid both in currency and Cuba peso
  • Cubans refer to Cuba As El Cocodrilo which means crocodile ,the name comes because the entire shape of the country resembles like crocodile
  • American Indians namely Ciboney,Taino and Guanajatabey are the original inhabitants of the country and with the population of 11 million
  • Cuba is the largest island of all the Caribbean along with it consist of many smaller islands

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