FRANCE Travel Guide

FRANCE Travel Guide

France which is a French republic country consist of metropolitan France and this extends from Mediterranean sea to English channel and from rhine to Atlantic ocean and also consist of several overseas regions and territories. It also consist of an economic and linguistic bridge which joins northern and southern Europe


  • PONT DU GARD BRIDGE, NIME:It is one of the ancient roman bridges located in southern France which is city of Rome. The bridge was built in first century which have length of about 50 kilometres and was used by ancient romans and has three tier arches of height 48.8 meter
  • EIFFEL TOWER: Eiffel tower is the world’s famous landmark and considered as symbol of Paris. It was named after Gustave Eiffel, the French architect and this popular structure was reconstructed in Nevada of united states and Tokyo and called as Iron Lady which gives breathe taking panoramas at each three levels
  • THE LOUVRE PARIS:One of the largest museum in the world with impressive collections of art works along with 35000 pre historic objects, Egyptianantiques, oldpaintings, sculpturesetc. It belongs partly to Louvre palace and in later emperor Napoleon added many art works to museum followed by French emperors
  • LYON:Lyon is the capital of Rhone and it is located in east central France. It is more famous for its historic architecture, gastronomy and cultural scene and interesting fact is that it consist of various districts each offering own interesting treasures


  • France formal name is known as La Republique Franchisewhich comes from Latin Francia means land or kingdom of franks
  • France has the highest point Mount Blanc in Europe which is nearly 15,771 feet high
  • The country is divided into 22 metropolitan regions and five overseas regions namely Dom Toms
  • Christianity and catholic culture was fundamentally marked since the birth of French nation and other major religions include Catholic ChurchIslamBuddhismand Judaism.ProtestantismHinduismRussian OrthodoxyArmenian Christianity, and Sikhismare the other branches of the nation which forms multi confessional country
  • France is the largest country in EU and because of its six shaped structure it is referred as Hexogen where quarter of the country is covered by forest. Total area of the country is almost fifth of EU total area
  • Flag of France is known as Le Drape au Tricolour as it has three equal vertical bands of blue, white and red.It was origined in 1790 when the ancient French colour of white combines with blue and red colours of Paris militia.
  • The flag displays the country’s national colours and the three colours represent liberty, equality and fraternity
  • France is a secular and democratic country in western Europe and officially known as French republic
  • French is the official language of the country and other regional languages are Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Basque, Alsatian, and Flemish and historically divide into the langue d’oeilto in north and thelangue d’octo to the south.

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