ICELAND Travel Guide

ICELAND Travel Guide

Iceland is one of the Nordic countries and a mountainous island located in North Atlantic Ocean which is located between Europe and NorthAmerica. The country was first inhabited by Nordic and Celtic people of 9th century and the mild and volcanic activity keeps the country warm. Iceland is known as land of fire and ice


  • BREIDAVIK BEACH:Breidavik beach is the most beautiful beach with turquoise blue water, rugged cliffs which is carved by glaciers and golden sand. It is the Europe‚Äôs largest sea bird cliff and home to millions of birds including northern gannets and razorbills with beautiful creatures
  • BLUE LAGOON:Blue lagoon is a man-made geothermal spa made of crystal clear water with 40 degree centigrade water year around. The icy aquamarine water sets along the background of plain landscape makes a glaring impressive contrast
  • GREAT GEYSER :Great geyser is a natural spot located in the south western Iceland and was active for 10,000 years and it can spurt boiling water up to 70 metres and the geysers are caused by surface water
  • HALLGRIMSKIRKJA:Hallgrimskirkja church stands on the top of hill which is 73 metres tall and it was designed by architect Gudjon Samuelsson inspired by amazing landscapes which includes lava flows, glaciers and mountains. It was the largest church in Iceland
  • THE VOLCANO HEKLA :The volcano Hekla is the active volcanoes on earth with 1500 metres in the south Icelandic sky and greater part of medieval European scribes


  • The northern most national capital of the country is Reykjavik located halfway between New york and Moscow and nearly 60 percent of the population lives in these place
  • The word geyser is derived from the nation Iceland as there are many geysers in the country
  • Handball is the national sport of the country
  • It is a European country which is located between the midway of north America and mainland of Europe
  • Iceland is nearly one quarter larger than the Iceland with an total area of 103,000 square kilometre and about the size of Ohio country
  • The national flag of the country is of tricolour with blue, snow white and red there is a red cross inside the white cross which is modelled after Danish flag
  • The official language of Iceland is Icelandic and the sub group of north Germanic language belongs to indo European
  • Christians is the religion followed in the country and most of the members in the nation are Lutheran state church
  • The country is also considered as a part of Europe because of the political, historical ,cultural features including beaches, grasslands etc
  • In land form it is the youngest country among other nations and also considered the last land to be settled and populated and second largest after Britain
  • The country is an island which is located in the north Atlantic ocean between Green land and Norway covering an area of 63,860 square miles

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