INDONESIA Travel Guide

INDONESIA Travel Guide

Indonesia is a largest country with around 17,500 magnificent islands and huge country with both population and land area. The country gives out a cultural and geological diversity and among 18,110 islands only 6000 of them are inhabited


  • LAKE TOBA : Lake Toba is on the island of Sumatra and it’s an volcanic lake which is 100 kilometre long and 30 kilometre wide ,this lake was formed by gigantic volcanic eruption about 7000 years ago.Pulau Samosir is the largest island which contains two lakes
  • BALIEM VALLEY:Baliem valley is on the highlands of western New Guinea giving the Stone Age world and the valley was not known to outside until 1938
  • MOUNT BROMO:Mount Bromo is an active volcano in east Java which is 2329 metres and it’s the highest peak. Top of volcano has been blown off and inside belches with white smoke surrounded by sea of sand
  • BUNAKEN :Bunaken is located in north of Sulawesi and it is most famous for dive and snorkelling areas and the island is a part of Bunaken marine park where 70 percent of fish species live in western pacific ocean
  • TORAJALAND:It is the highland region of south Sulawesi and home for Toraja people and famous for massive peaked roof houses and spectacular funerals which is known as Tongkonan.
  • KOMODO NATIONAL PARK :The Komodo national park is located in lesser sunda island that includes three larger islands Komodo,Padar,Rincah and 26 smaller islands.


  • The largest stadium known as Jakartaa Gelora Karno is the well-known stadium in the world which holds a capacity of 120,800 people which ranks the second
  • The word Indonesia is derived from Latin Indus which gives a meaning of Indian and in Greek it is called Nesos which means Island
  • Indonesia also have manes such as East Indies Islands or Archipelago
  • the country is fully comprised of mainly islands and there are about 17,500 islands in which more than 6000 of it are inhabited
  • Bahas Indonesia is the formal language of the country and also the country is recognised with other 700 languages
  • Indonesia is the country where world’s largest flower called Rafflesia Arnoldi grows and its average weight is about 7kg
  • The national flag of the country is bicolour with horizontal stripe of red at top and white at bottom and the national flag is also called Sang Saka Merah Putih and the flag is similar to Monaco country varying in size of the flag
  • Indonesia is an island country which stretches from Sumatra island to Papua and all these are inhabited
  • According to WHO it is the only country where the population grows rapidly and the fourth populated one
  • The first known kingdom named as Srivijaya is in the Indonesia lasting about 1400 A.D
  • Indonesia has the world’s largest Buddha temple and considered the UNESCO world heritage site having about 504 statues

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