JAPAN Travel Guide

JAPAN Travel Guide

Japan is a sovereign nation in East Asia and ii is also known as Nihon koku which means state of Japan.It occupies a chain of islands in Pacific Ocean parallel with the eastern coast of Asia’s mainland.Japan has shrinking population of about 126.9 million inhabitants


  • HIMEJI CASTLE : Himeji castle is considered as the amazing one because of its Japanese castle architecture and it was used during late periods to defend against enemies and was built many times in different designs and because of its exterior appearance it is called white egret castle
  • GOLDEN PAVILION:Japans one of the most popular tourist spot is the temple of the golden pavilion and which was built in the late 14th The pavilion structure was covered with gold leaf and that reflects the entire building with pond reflection
  • MOUNT FUJI:Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in the country which highs about 3776 meter and the volcano’s symmetrical cone is a well-known symbol of the country. It also serves as an tourist place for sightseers and climbers
  • TODAIJI TEMPLE: Todaiji temple is the world’s largest wooden temple and has the huge bronze Buddha statue which is surrounded by beautiful gardens and forest and Buddhism is centred at that place
  • KIYOMIZU DERA : This temple is located in eastern Kyoto and the indoor waterfall from outside gives an harmony to the temple with nature and visitors enjoy the surroundings


  • In Japanese Japan is known as Nihon which means Land of rising sun and it was believed that Japan was the first country to see sunrise in the morning
  • Basashi which is the raw horse meat which is popular meat in Japan and it is served in a thin sliced way
  • Two major religions of the country are Shinto and Buddhism where Shinto is as old as Japanese culture and Buddhism was imported from mainland in 6th century
  • Widely spoken language of the country is Japanese and it is separated into number of dialects as Tokyo dialects and considered as standard one and also Ryukyuan language is spoken in Okinawa and Kagoshima is spoken in Ryukyu islands
  • The country has European style civil law with four tier court system and headed by 15 member supreme court
  • Mainly twenty one percent of population in the country are elder people and seventy percent of Japan consist of more than 200 volcanoes
  • Archipelago of the country consist of nearly 3000 islands which covers about 377,835 square kilometres and the four main islands from north to south are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu
  • Tokyo is the national capital of the country which is located in east central Honshu and considered as most populous city
  • The national flag of the country is of white rectangular flag with crimson fed disc at the centre and it is known as Nisshoki and commonly known as Hi No Maru


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