KENYA Travel Guide

KENYA Travel Guide

Kenya is situated on equator of African east coast and it has been named as the cradle of humanity. The country has a warm and humid tropical climate on Indian Ocean coastline and it is famous for deserts and alpine snows, forests, colourful tribal cultures, fresh water lakesetc


  • MALINDI : Malindi is a coastal tourist attraction with coral reefs and beautiful beaches which is used for surfing, snorkelling and deep sea fishing .The Malindi marine national park is protected with clear water and colourful fishes
  • TSAVO EAST AND WEST NATIONAL PARK:The national park is one of the largest parks in Kenya and eastern national park is the oldest in the country where the park is named after Tsavo River. The park was spited into two different zones because of railway link
  • LAKE VICTORIA:Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake and it’s the jewel to the Great Rift Valley region. The lake is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania which plays an important role in each country. The lake is named after Queen Victoria and the lake area is home to different species with beautiful islands
  • LEWA WILDLIFE CONSERVANCY:Lewa wildlife is an UNESCO world heritage located in northern Kenya with an area of 62,000 acre. The wildlife includes lions,elephants,bird species and other different species
  • LAKE NAKURA :Lake Nakura is a shallow lake located in Kenya with abundance of algae attracts and flamingos and called bird spectacle on earth


  • Kenya is featured with wide variety of topographical features like low plains along coast, great Rift valley, fertile plateau, rugged landscapes
  • The country also have some wide varieties of butterfly and snake breeds which is different from other nations
  • The world’s highest mountain known as Mount Kilimanjaro lies between the border of Kenya and Tanzania
  • English and Swahili is the official language of the country
  • Kenya is home to many immigrants like Europeans,Asians,Arabs and Somalis and the well-known ethnic group is Maasai for its preserved culture and the largest group is Kikuyu including 40 ethnic groups
  • The name Kenya is derived after the Mount Kenya which is the highest peak about 17,057 feet high
  • Kenya has distinct seasons namely rainy and dry season
  • Shilling is the currency of the country and one shilling equals to one U.S dollar
  • The country is surrounded by dense forest and the greenest country in the world which includes the largest rain forest like Mau,Burnt and Kakamega forest
  • Nairobi national park,Tsavo game reserve,Maasai Mara game reserve and Amboseli national park are the well-known featured parks of the country
  • The country is located in east Africa which is home to 43.5 million people
  • Nairobi is the capital and the largest city of the country with nearly 3 million population
  • There is no official religion followed but most of the people in the nation are Christian
  • The national flag is a tricolour of black,red and white and Maasai shield is the traditional symbol of the country

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