Luxembourg is a landlocked country in Western Europe and it is also known as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The country is surrounded by Belgium to west, Germany to east and France to south and made of rolling hills and forests. It is the second smallest of European member states and the only grand Duchy in the world


  • VIANDEN CASTLE,VIANDEN : It is one of the famous and largest feudal residence of gothic period in Europe .Viandenis one of the largest castle in the west of Rhine which was built in 10th century and considered as top tourist attractions
  • THE GRAND DUCAL PALACE : The grand palace was built in 1574 which is located in centre of Luxembourg city and it is the famous residence of grand duke with renaissance architecture and the best time to visit is July and September because these days interiors are open
  • NORTE DAME CATHEDRAL:Notre Dame cathedral is also known as Roman Catholic cathedral of Luxembourg and it is the major tourist attraction. Jesuit church with gothic architecture is the most attractive tourist spot
  • BUTTERFLY GARDEN,GREVENMACHER :Butterfly garden is the most famous tourist attraction where the garden boasts many butterflies and plants and can see amazing birth of butterfly from pupa stage
  • NATIONAL MINE MUSEUM,RUMELANGE : It is one of the mine museum in the Luxembourg which is located in town of Rumelange and the museum also offers a guided walk of mine tunnel


  • Luxembourg is surrounded by international borders such as Belgium to west and north, Germany to east and France to south
  • The political system of the country includes constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and financial centre and it’s the grand Dutch of the country
  • The country geography is offered with principal regions namely Oesling and Gutland where Oesking is a hilly region which is mixed with forest in north and Gutland is a urbanized region in south
  • There are about 150 banks in the country which includes European investment where major companies like United States are also included
  • There are about 465,000 inhabitants in Luxembourg and it’s the least populated country of European union
  • The national flag of the country is of three horizontal stripes of red, white and blue colour
  • The country is surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany and it’s a small European country with dense forest, nature parks and rocky gorges in east and moselle river valley in southeast
  • Luxembourgish is the national language of the country and also it includes other languages namely French, German and even in Arelerland and France also speak this is as national language
  • During middle ages Christianity is the main religion and Catholicism was the most practised among the Luxembourg
  • Countries namely Amazon,Rakuten,Paypal and Rovi corporation have their headquarters in Luxembourg
  • Once Luxembourg was a part of Charlemagnes empire and it became independent in 963 and become the sovereign of Lucilinburhuc

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