MEXICO Travel Guide

MEXICO Travel Guide

Mexico is officially known as United Mexican states located between Pacific Ocean in west and Caribbean Sea and it’s the largest nation in Latin America.The country belongs geographically to North America and ethnological to Latin America and it’s the popular destination with gorgeous landscapes, sandy beaches along ancient civilizations


  • TAXCO:It is a colonial town which is famous for silverworks especially jewellery located in northern Guerrero state and it is the most important mining region. It is featured with street paved with stones, colourful houses, silver workshops and churches with baroque architecture
  • COPPER CANYON :Copper canyon is found in Chihuahua state and this series of canyons are larger and deeper and is located in Tarahumara mountains .These canyons got the name from greenish copper colour and the most popular way to explore is Chihuahua al Pacifico
  • OAXACA: Oaxaca is located in a valley below Sierra Madre Mountains and it’s the capital city of the country with colonial architecture, archaeological sites and tranquil atmosphere.
  • MEXICO CITY:The capital of Mexico is Mexico City and it is the world’s largest city with many ethnic groups and the city with important political, cultural and educational centre. It has landmarks like plaza de la constitution, metropolitan cathedral and national palace
  • TEOTIHUACAN :Teotihuacan was an important religious centre where the pyramids are built between 100AD and 450 AD and the place means birthplace of gods and the important monuments are pyramids of sun and moon


  • The national flag of the country is a tricolour of green, white and red with a white strip at the centre of the flag
  • Even though there are several languages spoken in the country the majority of the people speak Spanish including many indigenous languages and English as the second language
  • Catholic Christianity is the major religion followed in the country and includes other small practises
  • Great pyramid of Cholula is the largest monument in the world which is the most amazing one and ever constructed in the world which located in Mexico
  • Over three centuries between 1500 to 1820 the country was under the control of Spanish where the country includes more than 34 UNESCO world heritage site
  • The angel of Independence monument which is about 150 feet high was built in 1900 and these structures symbolize the victory of the country located in the Mexico city
  • The Mexico also have an official name called Estados Unidos Mexicanos and the Mexico is the derivative of Mexica
  • The country is located in the most violent zones of volcanoes and earthquakes
  • Olmec’s is the ancient great civilization of Mexico where the cities are built with curved great colossal heads
  • Mexico city is the capital of the country and one of the metropolitan area treated as the most populous city of the world
  • The border between Mexico and United states is considered the world’s largest border of the world

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