Switzerland Travel Guide

Switzerland Travel Guide

Switzerland is a small central European country surrounded by various lakes, villages and high peaks. Eventhough it’s a small country it attracts the tourist because of its beauty. There are more than 200 peaks which are higher than 3000m, alongsidecastle, turquoiselakes make a breath-taking tourist spot

Places to visit in Switzerland:

  • The rhine falls: It is the largest waterfall which is 150m wide and 23m high located in northern part overwhelms the flock of tourist because of its beauty from viewing decks
  • Lucerne : Lucerne town is one of the most popular tourist attraction with elegant historic buildings, wooden bridges and visitors come to see orchestras performance and churches with antique frescoes add charm
  • The Matterhorn : This giant pyramid shaped Alpine peak mountain which stands at 4,478 metres high and at the foot of the peak lies the village of Zermatt with class resorts, carriage rides etc and also along with hiking, mountain climbing and glacier skidding
  • Hohematte : It’s an marvellous urban planning with open space surrounded with flower gardens ,cafes and breathe taking mountains with lots of adventurous like cable cars,chairlifts,skiers to admire the scenery
  • Moritz Dorf : St. Moritz makes the important destination with mirror like lakes, glaciers and alpine forest and moreover above the sea-level the town is divided into two parts
  • Swiss national park – Zernez: The National park measuring about 170sq.kms which offers a unique wealth and Alpine animals untouched plants along wild mountain country side with perfect hiking to explore around.

Things to know about SWITZERLAND

  • Switzerland is one of the country which is of square flag with white cross in the centre
  • Switzerland governance is an parliamentary democracy and the country is divided into 26 different areas and it is called cantons
  • The climate of Swiss is not being extremely hot or cold but varies according to region where the climate is moderate in north ,temperature drops in east and with alternate cold and warm in winter and summer
  • It has more high mountain peaks than any other country in Europe with 48 about 13,120 feet and Monte Rossa massif is the highest peak of all
  • Regional and local specialties are based on traditional type of cooking which are rich in calories and dairy products are important parts of diet
  • Swiss Franc is the official currency and its code is CHF which is available in printed notes and coins and also used in Liechtenstein
  • Three of the continents major languages are German ,French and Italian are national languages of Switzerland and Romansh spoken by small minority and most citizens are bilingual and along with variety of regional dialects
  • Switzerland is a country with enormous cultural and living tradition maintained by their own local customs
  • Switzerland is officially known as Swiss Confederation and it’s an nation of 8 million people which decided not to join the surrounding European Union
  • Living style are part of cultural diversity and the heritage contains local customs ,events and traditions like music,dance, arts and literature

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