YEMEN Travel Guide

YEMEN Travel Guide

Yemen is a desert country which is situated in Middle East of southern tip of Arabian Peninsula and it is bordered by red sea to west, Saudi Arabia to north .Yemen is the second largest country in the peninsula which stretches for about 2000 km and the country is divided into ottoman and British empires


  • THE ANCIENT TOMBS ,SANAA: The south-western part of Asia and north-eastern part of Africa are the oldest part of earth where it has several ancient tombs and these lands are inhabited by ancient civilizations .Al Mahwit¬† in western Yemenhas tombs of oldest historical landmarks and situated close to Sanaass
  • AL SALEH, SANAA: This mosque is located in the capital city of Yemen with impressive cultural and historical sites. The mosque is done with Yemeni architectural style with 160 meters tall minarets and two small minarets and four huge domes
  • THE OLD CITY OF SANAA: The old city of Sanaa is a unique historical landmark situated right in the downtown with variety of inspiring sights. The city was inhabited over 2000 years with Islamic architectures of mosques and buildings
  • SOCOTRA ISLAND :Socotra island is situated in the south of Yemen isolated by deep waters of Arabian sea along with the features of flora and fauna species ,sand beaches
  • ARHER BEACH : This white sandy beaches are located near the north side of Socotra coast with warm and crystal clear water of Arabian sea


  • Yemen uses three tricolours in the flag namely black, white and red in which black represents dark days, white represents bright future and red represents the struggle during independence
  • According to the building materials the cultural zone of the country varies where in northern part in villages Tihama timber and straw is used also in southern region, in town shell lime is used and in central mountainous region stones, burned brick and clay are used where in deserts stamped clay and sun dried mud bricks are used
  • Yemen is the official language of the country
  • The country lies in middle east with the territory of about 200 island and among these the largest one is called Socotra
  • The religions of the nations is divided ethnically into categories of Sunni Muslims and Shias Muslims also with other groups like Jews, Hindus and Christians
  • It is the only republic country where others are kingdoms or emirates
  • The name Yemen is derived from ancestor Yaman the son of Qahtan and its located in the Meccan sanctuary
  • Yemen is surrounded by Saudi Arabia to north, Red Sea to west Arabian Sea to south and Oman to northeast
  • Yemen is one of the largest country with area covering about 527,970 square kilometres occupying the southern end Arabian and Arabic is the official language
  • Sana the capital with oldest inhabitants at an elevation of 2300 metres and the highest capital city

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